Online Hangouts

Online Hangouts

Hangouts are safe, virtual spaces where kids and siblings of kids with childhood cancer and blood disorders can connect with other kids and trusted adults.

Why Hangouts

Why Hangouts?

Childhood cancer and blood disorders isolate kids. They might not know anyone else who is going through the same things as them, or they can't take part in in-person activities because of the risk, or they may be unable to leave the hospital.


WCK Hangouts provide ongoing connection, friendship, and fun in safe, online spaces. Kids from all over B.C. can meet regularly and hang out with other kids who are "just like them." They can be silly, play games, make each other laugh, and most importantly - they can be kids.


"Hangouts are very helpful and important for my daughter. She has made friends that have the same medical issue. She is always excited to have more fun and joy in the program. Thank you so much for giving her a chance to be with you "

"I am so grateful to have found WCK - the summer hangouts have been amazing. We are so impressed with the quality of crafts and how well the staff member connects with the kids - she’s so warm and patient!"

"We appreciate that WCK staff have done an excellent job keeping [our child] engaged with interesting activities and events, especially during the COVID time. thank you, it was a tremendous help."

“I so appreciate everyone who has participated in hangouts, especially with my kiddos. My kids look forward to their time each week, and talk about their new friends all the time. Thank you for giving kids (and others across BC) something safe and fun to look forward to in a time of fear and uncertainty.”

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Questions about Hangouts?

Want to learn more about WCK's Hangouts? Check out our Hangouts page or reach out to Connections Program Coordinator Kelsey Merritt at or call +1 (604) 394-2029 ext. 2.